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Kittens availables


All our kittens leave home at three months, to ensure them a proper socialization. They are vaccinated (typhus, respiratory virosis,  leukemia  ( twice )  and rabies.   They  are  treated  against  worms  and  identified  with  an  electronic  chip.  They  have  official  Loof  registrations and feline pedigrees.

Parents of all Elfes bleues kittens are tested Free HCM and GSD4. New owner of my kittens can ask me a copy of these documents.


Status: "on hold" is when a person is interested by a kitten, and "booked" means that the kitten has found his new family.

Feel free to contact me for more informations on kittens :-) number phone (00)06 70 75 31 15 or (00) 06 24 16 37 22 or by e-mail elfesbleues@hotmail.com

All elfesbleues kittens has got elfic's names, star's names, Scandinavian and Celtic mithologies..." 


kittens were born on May 2014



Hermione des Elfes Bleues 


S*Raserrattan's IBBE



kittens were born on 8th September 2013



Elrinna des Elfes Bleues 


Ericson de la Galaxie d' Orion