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About us ?

Animal trainers by profession, we have always had a soft spot for cats, and wished to breed Norwegian Forest cats for our pleasure. Our goal in breeding Wegies is to preserve and improve the qualities of the breed. We were absolutely seduced by the wonderful temper and looks of the Norwegian forest cat. We are so happy because now we breed two or three litters by a year and we ensure the best care to our kittens (sanitary and social follow-up) and to our other animals as well, so that none of them ever feels neglected.  

We show our cats in competitions to contribute to the development of the breed and make them known to more people. Our cats get awards both in LOOF and FIFE shows, as they have good results in both standards. We always try to be present when there’s a NFO (Norwegian Forest Cat) specials where competition is more challenging due to the important number of cats and breeders, which makes it all the more interesting ! 

Our house is situated next to the Orleans forest, in the countryside. We do not have any neighbours near, and live in a quiet little village called Bougy-lez-Neuville. Our farm also shelters all kinds of other animals who live together good-heartedly ! 


Our Breeding


Sunshine is going out of her little wood home, but we take a look at her

The Skogkatt


It seems that Norwegian Forest cats origins date back to the Vikings. They accompanied the Vikings on their ships called drakkars to protect the cargo from rodents during the long trips of the conquerors. In Norse mythology, two large white cats with semi long hair pulled Freya’s chariot, the goddess of Love and Fertility. Other XIXth century tales mention « fairy-cats »…. First a wild species that lived in the Norwegian forest, this breed has a double coat with a woolly undercoat covered by long and water-repellent hair. The Norwegian forest cat was then domesticated and paired with local « house » cats.

        The « skogkatt » was then bred from the 1930’s by Scandinavian breeders and first appeared in France in 1982. From then, this nicely shaped cat with wild looks and an extraordinary temper – they get on so well with all the other inhabitants of the house, animals and humans alike – has raised the interest of many passionate breeders and the general audience is more and more seduced too…

        The Norwegian’s head is triangular, the profile should be as straight as possible, the forehead is slightly rounded, the eyes are oblique, the ears are large, triangular and sport lynx-like tufts, they have a strong chin, with a long and full ruff especially in winter. The body is long, with the hind legs higher than the front legs, a solid bone structure, a long and bushy tail and a semi long fur. They have knickerbockers and longer hair between the fingers too. Females are usually smaller and lighter than males. The Norwegian comes in all colours except for lilac, chocolate, cinnamon and fawn.

        Three Norwegian standards exist, that are applied in the corresponding shows:

-         the FIFe standard (International Feline Federation)

-         the LOOF standard (« Livre officiel des origines félines » stands for « the Official book of feline origins »)

-         The TICA standard that is used for the « American-style » exhibitions in rings, with the cat being judged by several judges the same day, in numerous categories.

          In some shows, « Norwegian » specials are organized, where numerous Norwegians and Norwegian breeders are present, and we love going there to meet them !